Graduation Generation

groupGraduation Generation-Atlanta aims to increase the academic success rates of K-12 students and the rates at which students successfully transition to and complete high school. But, students need more than a high school diploma; they also need the knowledge and skills necessary for college and/or career - and for life.

Recognizing that helping students prepare for success in life demands attention to the whole child, Graduation Generation is a cross-sector, multifaceted initiative that focuses on what happens in school and in the community. The program recognizes that a range of factors impact a child's well-being and academic achievement - factors such as housing quality and affordability, safety and crime, availability of affordable and nutritious food, environment toxins and access to health care, and participation in physical activities.

Launched in July 2010 with a $1 million gift from Emory alumnus and trustee Rick Rieder 83B, Graduation Generation involves more than a dozen community organizations, government agencies and philanthropic entities in collaboration with Emory University, Atlanta Public Schools (APS) and Communities in Schools of Atlanta (CIS). Together these partners are developing a comprehensive set of linked programs and activities to address issues and opportunities for excellence throughout the Maynard H. Jackson High School cluster, including its middle and elementary schools, and the Atlanta neighborhoods they serve: Edgewood, Reynoldstown, Kirkwood, and East Lake.

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